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Our brush is Boar-Powered—it’s made with all-natural boar bristles to thoroughly smooth and detangle beard hair with every use. The tough design is made to handle and tame any length of beard and any hair type. Every time you brush, the bristles get rid of debris and help spread your skin’s natural oils throughout your beard for an even sheen and a neat, clean beard. This brush is great on its own but is especially good when brushing Beard Oil, Beard Butter, or Beard Balm throughout the hairs for a healthy-looking beard. Brushing your beard every day not only feels great, but it also increases blood flow to your face which helps improve circulation and stimulates beard growth.


This brush’s strong boar bristles help keep unruly beard hair in check and debris-free while evenly distributing your natural oils, or any Beard Guyz® beard product, throughout the beard. 

Scent: None.

Hold: None

Weight: 56 g

Caution: Contains natural animal hairs.

Directions: Use Boar Bristle Brush on a dry beard. Work the natural boar bristles through your entire beard to help tame hair and remove any debris that settled in beard hairs.

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