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This handsome wooden comb is designed with two different widths of teeth, so it can tame and detangle every type of beard—coarse or fine, long or short. It’s expertly crafted with natural sandalwood which delivers a woodsy and fresh scent with every use. Use every day for a well-groomed, tangle-free beard. Each Sandalwood Comb comes with a genuine leather pouch so you can protect and preserve your tool and take it with you anywhere. Combing your beard every day not only feels great, but it also increases blood flow to your face which helps improve circulation and stimulates beard growth.


You’ll enjoy the distinctive woody scent of Sandalwood every time you use your comb. Smooths and detangles all beard types.  Includes 100% genuine leather pouch to protect and preserve your Sandalwood Comb.

Scent: Sandalwood.

Hold: None

Weight: 37 g

Caution: None. 

Directions: Use Sandalwood Comb on a dry beard. Work comb through your entire beard to help tame hair and remove any debris that has settled in beard hairs. You can also apply any Beard Guyz product to your beard and use comb to evenly spread the product throughout beard. When finished, placed comb in genuine leather pouch.

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