The Everyguy’s Daily Beard Care Routine

A good beard care routine is the first step to getting a healthy, handsome beard. Whether you’ve just grown a beard for the first time, or you’ve had one for years, it’s never too late to get in the habit of taking good care of your whiskers. Follow these steps for a simple and easy beard care regime that will keep your facial hair looking great and feeling great. 

Step. 1: Clean and condition

Your beard, just like the rest of you, needs to be kept clean and fresh. It’s a no brainer—no one likes a dirty beard. Every beard is different, but washing every day or every other day is usually a solid plan. Use a cleanser that will thoroughly remove buildup and odor but won’t strip your hair and skin of healthy, natural oils. This will give you a beard that’s soft and clean, not dry and brittle. Follow up every wash with a beard conditioner to add hydration and get rid of scratchy, wiry hairs.

If you’re a guy who’s constantly on the go, try a wash/conditioner combo to get your beard clean and conditioned, all in one step.

Step 2: Towel Dry

After washing and conditioning, dry your beard thoroughly by patting it dry with a towel. Don’t rub! It can damage your beard hairs and cause them to frizz up.

Step 3: Hydrate with Oils & Serums

Next, grab a beard oil or serum to give your beard some much-needed moisture. Treating your beard with these products every day will help eliminate one big problem almost all beard guys deal with: A dry and itchy beard. Beard oils and serums are formulated with nourishing oils and moisturizers that will leave each hair smooth and well-tamed. Add a few drops to your beard and rub throughout to get rid of frizz, flyaways, and coarse, itchy beard hairs. Use beard oils to refresh your beard any time it’s feeling tired or dry.

Step 4: Butter Up

Add some beard balm or butter for extra smoothness and softness. The rich texture of balms helps provide long-lasting hydration, so your beard stays itch and irritation-free all day long. For easy styling, try a balm with a light hold.

Step 5: Comb Out

Comb your beard daily to eliminate tangles and style it how you like it, and to spread the oils and butters evenly throughout. Combing and brushing your beard also increases blood flow to your face, which helps stimulate growth and can lead to a thicker, fuller beard.